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10 Keys to a Healthy, Happy and Successful Chiropractic Office

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I want everyone to make the most of their time here on earth and for you as a chiropractor that means bringing the health and healing benefits that come from the chiropractic adjustments. If you’re new in practice and haven’t had a “chiropractic miracle” then talk to a mentor or a coach and listen to the amazing stories that they tell. For most of my readers who have been in practice over five years, you have had at least one case that made it all worth it. You know that patient that was suicidal, or near death’s door and they came to your office and received the life-giving experience of a chiropractic adjustment. Their nervous system woke up and turned back on and their body started functioning again. 

These cases are wonderful, and they make us so grateful to BJ Palmer and the forefathers of chiropractic who worked hard to perfect the profession and move it forward. 

However, we must change and adapt to the current style of the day.  Gone are the days, when we could hang a shingle and be in business in whatever town you found yourself in. There are certain expectations that patients have, and you must rise to meet those expectations.  We are living in the modern world and there many more distractions on the tv, radio, and billboards that are trying to influence the hearts and minds people, filling them with fear, despair and hopelessness. 

In order to combat that, I’m giving you my top 10 keys for a happy, health and successful chiropractic office. 

Top 10 keys for a happy, healthy and successful chiropractic office

  1. Create an atmosphere of team play and team goals
  • Get your team on board, with goals and laughter that make the work environment fun for everyone. 
  1. Keep the clinic well-lit, with open doors and windows as much as possible 

-More people are sitting in bad lighting, with bad chairs and are deprived of the benefits of fresh sunshine and clean air. Provide that for your patients as much as possible in your office. 

      3) Play upbeat music that everyone can sing to

      4) Make sure your staff is friendly and engaged with the patients

      5) Smile, smile, smile

– A smile can go a long way so make sure you and your staff are always smiling and having fun with the patients. They are seeing you because they are in the pain, so take their mind off the pain and remind that there is something to be happy about. 

      6) Have fun with your patients, tell a joke or two, kid around with your staff

      7) Get great results- 

You must be the best adjustor and get amazing results for your patients. They need to tell everyone that you are the best and boast about you to everyone they know.

      8) Exude gratitude and gratefulness whenever possible. 

      9) Be optimistic, enthusiastic and passionate about chiropractic

     10) Enjoy the ride with a loving and service-oriented attitude

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