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10 Must-Dos- to Re-Ignite Your Passion for Chiropractic

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Many chiropractors say that chiropractic found them, and they can’t imagine being anything else.  What they don’t say is that business found them, and they can’t imagine not being a business owner.  The fact is many chiropractors go into chiropractic because they know the world needs them and that is their purpose.  However, the world of business can be complicated and overwhelming and over time they lose their purpose in the weeds. If this sounds like you then keep reading to find out how to stay plugged into your purpose. 

 Here are the 10 things that successful chiropractors are doing and being that helps them to stay on purpose and focused on the patient experience. 

  1. They do not make permanent decisions for temporary problems
  • Chiropractors use a team of specialists in accounting, finance, staffing, to make sure they seek consul when needed and make decisions based on the greater good of all involved. They avoid knee jerk reactions that may have short term benefits.
  1. They are solution focused 
  • Victims will get discouraged when faced with a problem.  The chiropractor will look for solutions to the problem. 
  1. Talk about how they want to be 
  • Many people talk about how they are and who they wish they could be. Chiropractors are always focused on how they want to be and working towards that goal.  They know that constant and never-ending improvement is good for the mind, body, and soul. 
  1. Re-ignite purpose and passion every morning
  • I teach the hour of power (check podcast list).  The most successful chiropractors use the hour of power to center themselves and set their intention for the day so that they are as potent as possible in all areas of their life. 
  1. Do it now mentality
  • Successful chiropractors have a do-it now mentality that permeates into their family, friends, and community. People know they can count on the chiropractor to get it done now and instead of in a month or a year.  They want to tackle the problem, find the solution, and help as many people as possible. 
  1. Expect miracles
  • Great chiropractors tap into the power of innate and expect miracles. They know that the power that made the body, heals the body and they are merely the facilitator of this great power. They are treating the person with disease not the disease.  The person that they are treating has the power to heal themselves from the inside out when the body is free from interference. 
  1. They do the “right things”
  • Chiropractors always choose the right thing. Chiropractors know what the right thing to do is, no matter the situation and make the decision to do that. 
  1. They have staying power
  • Successful chiropractors know that it takes time to build a successful practice and are willing to stay with it to see the results. They are also willing to make the correct recommendations for their patients and know that the body will heal with time. 
  1. Thankful
  • Be thankful for what is going right in your life, instead of focusing on what is going wrong.  They realize that struggle equals learning exercises. Everyday they find something to be grateful and thankful for. 
  1.  Pay the price 
  • The most successful chiropractors know that there is a price to pay and are willing to pay the price. They practice self-discipline as a daily rule because they know that self-discipline will lead to greater self-esteem.

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