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10 Steps to Personal Growth

Why we need personal growth.

Personal growth precedes all other forms of growth, business growth, marketing growth, etc… It is the most important way to break through the upper limiting barriers we defined in our last post. 

If you have been stuck in a rut for a long time, then pay attention to these steps and use them to systemically break down the walls that are holding you back. 

1) Have a vision/Project Vision

-A vision is a movie that you play in your mind’s eye 

– To see that movie done to completion, you must share that movie with your friends and family.  The reason is that you will need help from community, family, and friends to make your movie a reality. 

2) Increase dollar production

  • Delegate what other people can do and focus only on what you can do. 
  • This will ensure that you are only working on the highest dollar items. 

3) Expand network

  • Social media
  • Email

4) Set goals & reward achievement

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, yearly
  • Your rewards should be proportional to the goals you are setting and achieving. If it is a small goal, then you give it a small reward. If it is a big goal, then it receives a big reward. 
  • Chunking down on goals so that they can be measured daily, helps us to see our progress on an instantaneous basis. 

5) Expand toolkit 

  • Clinical and business tool kit
  • Business competency 
  • Good attorneys, accountants and coaches

6) Work on high priority things first and get them done the best. 

7) Save money consistency without fail 

8) Invest in team

  • Bonus system, salary increase, education, are all easy ways to keep your team motivated.  
  • You need to check in with your team members and find out how they are motivated and make sure you have something for everyone. 

9) Invest in your preparation

  • The hour of power done three times per day will be a sure fire way to increase your potency. 

10) Invest in yourself

  • Make sure needs are met by checking in with yourself on a regular basis.  If your own needs are not being met then you will see that you are going towards burnout.

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