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Archive for December 2014

Personal Growth Precedes Practice Growth

Personal Growth precedes practice growth so continuing to grow personally will insure your continued success. Here are some proven growth strategies: 1- Having and projecting your vision. 2- Increase your dollar productivity. 3- Expand your net-work to expand your net-worth. 4- Set goals and reward the achievement. 5- Expand your tool kit, your clinical and…

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Create a New Patient Experience to get Rave Reviews!

Creating a WOW Experience: 1- Provide Extraordinary Service 2- Everyone becomes a Patient Advocate. 3- Be Congruent with your vision and your message. 4- Make sure to give the patient a positive and supportive experience. 5- Make a lasting first impression, you only get one chance. 6- Treat the patients like they are important and…

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What do you think your two worst enemies of success are?

Brian Tracy says they are the Path of Least resistance and the Expediency Factor. The Path of Least resistance is what causes people to take the EASY way in almost every situation instead of the BEST way. The Expediency Factor principle says, people invariably take the fastest and easiest way to get what the want,…

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