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Archive for October 2021

How to Create a Referral Practice

Referrals always come from the inside out of the practice. Meaning that the patients should be referring 85% of your new patients. With 99% of the population not currently under chiropractic care, there are many people in the world who we need to serve.  So how do you get those internal referrals? It’s all about…

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10 Must-Dos- to Re-Ignite Your Passion for Chiropractic

Many chiropractors say that chiropractic found them, and they can’t imagine being anything else.  What they don’t say is that business found them, and they can’t imagine not being a business owner.  The fact is many chiropractors go into chiropractic because they know the world needs them and that is their purpose.  However, the world…

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