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4 Steps To Better Your BEST

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This message is for everyone; whether you just had your best year ever or your worst. Why? Because there is always room for improvement. Think about your patients for a minute.  They come in with aches and pains and they finish acute care without pain, but would you tell them to quit? Of course not! You would tell them that there is something beyond being pain-free.  You would explain that there is a level of wellness that they have not yet experienced. 

So, now when I tell you that there is another level that you have not experienced in your growth- do you believe your chiropractic coach? 

Just like you tell your patients that they are either subluxated or not and it’s a constant process to maintain a subluxation free body – the same goes for your spiritual and material growth. It is a process that involves either growing or shrinking, everyday you are either growing or shrinking.  Much like the subluxated patient that can lead to degeneration and chronic disease- shrinking can lead to a vicious cycle of scarcity and lack mentality that circles in on itself. 

Let’s dive in on the 4 steps to keep you growing and serving:

4 Steps to Better Your Best

Step 1: Clearly Define What You Want

Become detailed oriented and clearly lay out how this year is going to look. You must know what you want to achieve and think of new goals.  If you achieved your best year, last year then you need to dream up new possibilities and that is the job of your entrepreneur brain.  If you are stuck, ask your chiropractic coach or me

If you are living in fear, scarcity and poverty and can not possibly imagine how a positive year would look then again get creative.  You need to try to imagine how the greatest possible year would look.  You must exclude rationale and all the world events that are happening.  In a perfect world what would your dream practice look like? 

Step 2: Create Accountability Through Friends, Staff, and Coach 

Set up your support group to help keep you accountable to your vision.  This should be a group of people who will also benefit from you achieving your goals.  If it’s your staff, spouse, friends or coach then they may have insight into your business and can help steer you back onto path when you waiver.  

Not to mention that your staff will also directly benefit from a more prosperous business.  After all they should be working for the greatest good of the patients and community in loving service. 

A chiropractic coach is someone who has walked the walk or is also currently walking it.  Someone who has tried and true methods and can help get you from A- B quicker than if you had to figure it all out on your own.  Know how much your time is worth and if you’ll save at least one hour of trying to figure something out on your own then it’s worth it. 

Step 3: Timeline

This step is crucial for success because you must always have a goal and timeline to get it accomplished.  You must tell your brain and the universe when you need it accomplished by.  Leaving something to be done by someone else at any given point is not a good strategy.  You must know when you are going to have this done so that you can set smaller goals and objectives to take you there. 

Fill your accountability team in on your timeline and even if it doesn’t happen in exactly the right amount of time- do not panic.  Set a new realistic timeline that will reflect whatever obstacle you had to climb over. 

Step 4: Match Co-Creators to Projects

Here is where you draw on your accountability partners.  You didn’t think you’d have to do it all on your own did you? Of course not, that’s a waste of precious time and energy.  

Therefore, you have staff and people to help you.  When you hire the right people, who believe in your dream and vision and want to help you create that vision, you will have the extra hands to get more done in less time.  

To not use your assets is a waste of time, energy, and brain power.  In fact, it is downright lazy!  You must match up your co-creators with the jobs that would best suit them.   This is a skill and not something people get right on the first try.  It will take time to learn how to identify people’s individual skillsets and put them towards the perfect project. 

My final word of advice is that there will be times when you hit the ‘squat’ or the place before the next level.  This is not a time to give up, change course or make any other dangerous move, you are going to the next level and this ‘wind up’ period happens.  It does not happen every time nor is it necessary and as you become a master of this process you will learn how to avoid the ‘squat’.  Until them embrace it and learn to move through it.  Again, if you run into trouble or your thoughts start to turn negative then ask your chiropractic coach what would be helpful for you.

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