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7 C’s of Success

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The top performers and most successful people of any industry are unique, and you can be too. In fact, there is nothing intrinsically different about them, what sets them apart is their ability to master several characteristics. 

Below we are going to talk about the 7 C’s of success and how they will help you to round out the characteristics that are absolutely necessary for success in any industry. 

  1. Clarity – First thing is to determine: who you are, what you believe and what you want.

Be sincere and spend time in introspection discovering where you are great, good, average, not so good, horrible in terms of your business and personal life. 

Spend time thinking about, what are you not good at? Don’t let it pull down your strengths. This is designed to strengthen your character by bolstering your weakest link.

Acknowledge your beliefs about chiropractic, your personal characteristics, how successful you think you can be and start to question those beliefs. 

Go back to the seven areas of your life and make a target for each area. Remember you can’t hit a target that doesn’t exist. 

  1. Competence – You can’t climb to next rung on ladder until you become excellent at what you do now. In other words, you need a strong rung to move to next step. 

What are you competent at and not competent?

Become singularly focused on where you are currently and becoming a master at that level. Once you have solid footing in this phase of life, you can take the next step with a firmly planted foot.

  1. Constraints – Highly successful people look at what is holding them back from where they want to be. In terms of chiropractic, this could be in the clinic, with your software, x-ray, staff, hours, etc.… Find ways to eliminate the constraints that are impeding your growth. 

Personally, you must look inside yourself at your mental constraints, what you believe, your negative assumptions and self-imposed ceilings.

Letting go of constraints will cause an immediate rise in both productivity and growth. 

  1. Concentration – You must become hyper-sensitive to what you are trying to accomplish and single mindedly see something through until it’s done. 

Life is busy for everyone, and this shows itself as strength of character. 

Present time consciousness when you at the clinic, when you are with your family, and any time you need to give your full attention. 

Concentrate on where you are in the moment and then focus on that until you see your vision come to life. 

  1. Creativity – This is where most chiropractors struggle. As the old saying goes if you don’t use it, you’ll lose it, and this applies aptly to creativity. 

What most chiropractors fail to realize is that they are entrepreneurs and creativity and leadership go hand in hand.

This applies to the clinic with the questions: “How can we do this better?”, “How can this be more efficient?”

Example areas: 

  • Team building 
  • Marketing
  • Adjustments
  • Think outside the box

Change is necessary to grow, and you can apply creativity to every area of life. 

  1. Courage – Courage is most in demand and least in supply 

Do what you don’t like to do and always do what’s right, in all aspects of life. 

Ask yourself “what is the action step that is needed right now?” It doesn’t matter if the answer is something you don’t want to do, it matters most if it is the right next step. Take the action and if it’s right and in line with the character of who you are becoming or being then it will work out and you don’t need to worry about it. We can’t control everything but can always be looking for the opportunity and answering when opportunity knocks. 

When you learn to answer and act fast, you will gain confidence. 

  1. Constant Learning

Excellence is your greatest marketing tool, and you should always be looking to become the best version of yourself as a mother, brother, father, chiropractor, whatever role you need to fill. 

The most successful people don’t need others to pump them up, they need to acquire more knowledge and hone that knowledge into a mastery. 

Take more courses, get the best coaching, and always be learning from others. When you think you know everything, go back to competency and look at your weakest area and try to become better in that area. 

Life is not something you need to perfect, it’s a journey that is always evolving. There’s no shortcut and that’s the fun. When you can sit back and enjoy the ride, then you have truly reached a new level of success. 

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