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7 Steps to become a visionary

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The chiropractors of long ago had a vision that chiropractic would help everyone on the planet to express health.  They were so sold on the idea that when chiropractic was illegal most often chose jail than to admit they were practicing medicine without a license. This type of conviction is not so easy to come by these days. The cost of living is greater, the cost of owning a business is greater and many of us are not willing to go to jail for our beliefs. We can, however, have a great sense of commitment to our patients and our community that comes close to the conviction of our forefathers. 

By the amount that you are all-in on your vision is the amount that you will grow. 

So how do you become a visionary? 

  1. Optimism
  • There is no future in pessimism. When you talk to your patients, pay attention to the language that you choose.  Are you painting a picture of hope, wellness, and a new paradigm of health or are you simply telling them that it will take a lot of time, energy and money to get pain free? 
  1. Focus
  • Being all-in on your vision requires you to be laser focused. You cannot be distracted by the day-to-day struggles of the real world and let that detract from your vision. 
  1. Driven
  • Get clear on your vision, create a burning desire to see it to fruition and grow with certainty and confidence that it will be. 
  1. Consistency
  • No one will follow a leaf that blows with the wind. You must be a leader and leaders are consistent on the vision, purpose and mission of the practice.  Your team, patients and community will rally around someone who is a true leader. 
  1. Committed
  • Much like consistency, your commitment to seeing your vision fulfilled will create a buzz or an energy that people will be attracted to.  If you are not committed to seeing your vision, come to life then how can you expect anyone else to?
  1. Inclusiveness
  • Following consistency and commitment is the ability to allow people to participate in your vision. If you are a go it alone, lone wolf and do not want to have a team or have your community involved in your vision then how can you expect to grow to the level that your vision demands? In short, you can’t and that why it’s very important to have a mentality that includes everyone in your vision. 
  1. Positive
  • Positivity is not optimism. Positivity is the joy and happiness that brings others on board and builds excitement around your brand, purpose, mission, and vision. When you bring a high level of enthusiasm to your practice everyday that will recruit others to join in with you. 

Keeping sight of these 7 steps every day, week, month in your practice will build a culture and your brand.  You will cultivate the atmosphere that breeds success and invites others into your inner circle. You begin to become the person that others look to for advice and support on their journey.  In essence, you become the expert. 

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