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A Note on the side

Are you making a difference?

Are you a technician or a healer?

Are you giving an adjustment or a manipulation?

Are you a Chiropractor or a technician?

Take some time this month to think through these questions.  As a chiropractor, we should be healers who give adjustments that make a difference in the lives of our patients. 

Do your patients stand up taller, are they gaining confidence, are they becoming better versions of themselves because of the work you provide?

But it all starts with you.  You must decide to be a chiropracTOR and be willing to be a conduit between the universal intelligence/God and your patient.  If you are blocked above or below the atlas you will find that your potency diminishes over time and that is not fair to your patients. 

First get yourself adjusted then look in the mirror and check whether your seven areas are in congruence.  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, relationships, financial, and business. If you find that you are not congruent in these areas, then you find that your potency is decreasing over time. 

Conversely, if you increase your potency through congruency, you will simultaneously increase your confidence and faith.  This explosion of confidence and faith will reverberate throughout your practice and enhance the lives of everyone you encounter.

Take some time today and answer those four simple questions. After you answer those, look at the seven areas of your life. 

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