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Are You a Turkey or an Eagle?

We are all made of the same material and as such have the same ability to achieve any level of success. 

It is natural to move toward abundance and prosperity.  The flowers grow and bloom with such magnificence because they do not know that they could be anything less. 

As human beings we naturally move toward the light, the sun and towards prosperity.  There is an unlimited universe of abundance around us and if we close our mind to the possibility, we are missing out on many opportunities. 

Through one-on-one chiropractic coaching, I help move my clients from lack mentality to prosperity mentality.  I help to reawaken my clients to endless possibilities that surround them. 

What does it mean to be a turkey? 

A turkey is afraid to fly.  They are stuck in the weeds of life and cannot find their way out. They listen to naysayers and the pessimists, who may have tried and failed and then gave up. 

Colonel Sanders tried and failed 1001 times before he sold his chicken recipe.  He did that in his 60s after receiving his first social security check. 

Unfortunately, there are many unsuccessful people who are giving out advice in the chiropractic profession and they usually stopped trying after their first failure.  

They did not keep trying until they could fly.  They have stayed in the weeds and want to justify to themselves their decision to stopping trying and are bringing as many people as possible into their lifestyle. 

How do I become an eagle? 

Easy. Hang out with the eagles.  Some eagles, like myself, teach others how to be successful in the chiropractic profession.  If you read this month’s earlier blog post you know that the secret is learning, trying, failing, and having a teacher guide you along the process. 

There is no short cut to success.  

You must know that there is a price to pay and be willing to pay that price.  Find a teacher (read: chiropractic coach), learn the lessons, practice, try, fail, learn the lesson from failing, try again, repeat until you succeed. 

The eagles will show you the lessons you need to learn from each failure and remind you that it is not really failing. Failing is more about getting an unexpected and undesirable outcome or result.  Once you learn what went wrong, you can go back and try again until you get the result or outcome you wanted. 

What is the next step? 

The next step is to find the right coach for you.  It might be me or it might be someone else.  Most coaches will offer a complimentary coaching session to find out if you are a good fit together.  This is important because this person is going to help guide you through some tough times and more importantly, they are going to point out the lessons in those tough times.  They will encourage you to get back up and try again and use what you learned. 

Having a good relationship with your coach is important for this reason.  They will be with you during situations when you would prefer to stick your head back in the sand or go find some weeds to lay down in.  They should be tough and encourage you to get back in the fight and get a different result. 

Remember there is no easy path to success but if you are willing to pay the price, it will be green lights and blue skies.  There is nothing you cannot do. 

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