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Are You Doing This All Wrong?

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Let’s say that you see 50 patients per day, that’s 50 conversations with 50 different people who if they are inspired can go out and tell 50 more people the message you told them.  You can see how powerful one day in practice can be, if done correctly. 

My members (chiropractic coaching clients) know that they must stay on topic and talk the TIC.  They are spreading the chiropractic message which is a message of hope and freedom from pain and fear. They are empowering their patients to take their health back and make better choices for themselves and their families. So where could they go wrong? 

The devil is in the details. 

Are you sharing Facts or Stories? 

The difference between facts and stories is one that cannot be overstated. Many chiropractors are so educated on their technique, the spine, the nervous system, nutrition, exercise or whatever that they are talking over their patient’s heads.  

They might be sharing the chiropractic message, but they might as well be talking in Greek.  It is necessary to talk in a way that your patients can understand. 

Stories evoke emotion and emotion creates chemical reactions in the body that imprint the story.  There was a study done that showed after an emotionally evoking movie, viewers had an increase in oxytocin, the feel good hormone in their blood.  This means that people have a biochemical reaction to emotion provoking stories.  

Consider what kind of culture and philosophy you want your practice to send to people.  Then create a story that evokes enough emotion that people are motivated to share with others.  

Start with your staff first.  The staff need to be motivated to tell their friends, family, and patients the story that you want to share. Once you have mastered your staff, start telling the important stories to your patients. 

What Kind Of Stories Should You Tell?

The chiropractic story: Harvey Lilliard and a man regaining his hearing from the first adjustment.  You could tell them about the Big Idea and the importance of chiropractic care. 

The ramifications of subluxation

Universal Intelligence

One Stop Wellness Shop

Your Story

Your Story

Spend time creating your own story.  This should be the reason you do what you do.  Maybe you didn’t have a miraculous healing from chiropractic but that’s okay.  People can be moved by a story that shows you had to be convinced this was the right profession for you.  You might have adjusted your first patient and truly helped them so much that it convinced you to stay. 

For some of us, chiropractic chose us and that is extremely important for patients to hear. What were you doing when you found out that chiropractic was your future profession?  

Think of all of the facts that you tell your patients and start creating powerful stories that are truthful that evoke emotion. 

You can tell someone the facts of an event or you can tell them with emotion, which would you rather listen to? 

There are reasons people are glued to Netflix binge watching movies and tv shows for hours at a time. People enjoy the release of oxytocin and the way emotions make them feel. 

Make people enjoy coming to your office and the experience they receive while you are changing their lives. Help them connect the physical to the emotional. 

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