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Bettering Your Best: Chiropractic Mastery

How to Have Your Best Year Ever 

It’s important to stay focused on growth and have a growth mindset. When we put our attention on maintaining we will end up shrinking, there is no such thing as maintaining. 

  1. Reach for the Next Level

Whether it’s with your patient care or creating a family dynasty, there is always a next level of success that can be achieved. 

We can strive to do better than we have previously done for our patients and for ourselves. Why should patients stay on wellness? The answer should be obvious, there is a next level of health that comes from constant and never-ending improvement. 

You must make a choice to grow, if you do not choose growth then you are choosing to shrink by default. Remember to maintain is to shrink. 

  1. Set Your What Not Your How

“How am I going to grow this year?” This is an overwhelming question and can create doubt, fear, confusion and chaos. 

Let’s avoid that and focus on “the what”. 

What will it look like when I grow this year? 

It could look like this:

I will create new passive revenue streams.

I will have X number of new patients each month.

I will take 4- 1 week vacations this year with no stress and still make money. 

You must get very clear on your what and add lots of detail on what it will look like. 

  1. Set Your Objectives

Again, we’re not focusing on the how. We’re instead going to set objectives that will chunk down our “what” into small actionable steps that we need to take in order to get to achieve our vision. 

Start with 5 to 10 action steps that will get it done!

  1. Create Accountability

Tell your circle of influence and people who will need to help you to achieve this vision. 

Examples include: our loved ones, team, and/or coach. 

Declare what you are going to do, this is a very important step. If you don’t declare it, you are less likely to accomplish it. Also, these people may need to remind you from time to time, “hey, you said you were going to do this, get back on track”, or you may need their help to achieve a certain objective. 

Be sure to match people with objectives that use their unique genius and talents. 

Wants and wishes are not goals. Goals need a plan, and they need objectives to reach them. 

Now it’s your turn.

What does your best year ever look like?

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