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Building a Brand Through Hope

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What comes to mind when you hear “brand”? I think of “Excellence!”.  It is our goal to provide excellence in our office in our marketing, in our diagnostics, in our adjustments, and in our environment. 

The saying “Confused minds do not buy” comes from branding or rather a lack there of. If your branding is not congruent and there are some misgivings about what you stand for then people may not understand what your clinic promotes. 

For instance: do you have chiropractic marketing signs in your windows that talk about back pain, neck, pain, whiplash, and other pain related conditions but then you speak about wellness and maintenance care in your office? 

Or do you have wellness signs and promote yourself as a one stop wellness shop, but your paperwork and visits revolve around their pain levels? 

You can see as a consumer how this can create confusion in the mind.  If they do not understand what they are buying from you then they will not buy. 

You can also tie in hope into your brand.  Is your brand built around hope and healing or fear and pain? We know that hope is integral to the healing process so we must take that into consideration when we are building our brand. 

Look at marketing billboards and advertisements on television in your area: you will see that they are built on hope.  Now, we know that the medications and the surgeries have a ridiculously small chance of success to truly help that person live a well life. So, why do we shy away from using hope in our clinics?

The answer is we should not be shying away from this. We should be using hope as a tool to heal our communities and build our brands. 

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