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Chiropractic Coaching: Advanced Leadership

Congratulations you’re a chiropractor and you have the most wonderful job in the whole world. You have the potential to unlock every man, woman and child’s God-given potential to heal themselves.  This is an awesome responsibility, and you most likely found this profession through another doctor who inspired you to carry on this conviction and grow the profession. You followed a great leader and now you can become a great leader yourself. I’m going to show you today some key characteristics for advanced leadership. 

There are different areas in practice for leadership: your patients, your staff and your community. However, today I am going to focus mainly on your staff or team members. This is the biggest area of business ownership that I routinely see needs help. Doctors know they need to be profitable to help more people and grow their practice, but they often make the mistake of micro-managing their team and lose out on the ability to become an effective leader. 

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For this post, let’s look at the foundational characteristics and mindset that advanced leadership requires: 

The art of advanced leadership: getting someone else to do what you want done because they want to do it. 

The ability to recognize and address a problem before it becomes an emergency

A great leader will leave behind other people with the conviction to carry on the purpose and achieve greater results.

A great leader makes new leaders.

A great leader is a trail blazer and takes on new tasks and opportunities that others may not see at the time. They can dream bigger and achieve greater.  They provide inspiration to the team and hold the vision for the future. 

They can translate their vision into reality by inspiring others to act. 

A great leader is constantly learning and looking for ways to improve. They realize there is no destination.

A great leader wants a far-reaching influence on their team members, practice members and community. They know that what they say and do will go far beyond the people they influence today. 

Great leaders are bold and go down the untraveled path even in the face of uncertainty. They keep striving when the going gets tough. 

They realize they can’t be everything to everyone and they don’t try to be. 

Outstanding leaders boost the self-esteem and self-worth of others.  They empower everyone to contribute and become innovators. They walk behind their team and have the self-restraint to stop themselves from meddling in what they’ve allowed their team to tackle

Great leaders have humility and know they can’t do it all themselves. They admit their faults and know they are a work in progress. Through that humility and deep sense of self-worth they can make a case for others to follow them. 

Advanced leadership focuses on excellence in every way possible. They know they must give an abundance of love and respect to beget it. Leaders will have the uncomfortable conversations because they know they must deal with them right away. They are relentless and combine that with perseverance to achieve greatness. 

Lastly, great leaders know that to double their net worth they must double their self-worth. They know that the safe zone is the most dangerous place to live. They have confidence in themselves and in their team to achieve greatness and are constantly looking for new opportunities. 

Stay tuned for my next post, 10 Attributes of Self-Discipline

Remember it’s green lights and blue skies for you. 

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