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Chiropractic Coaching: Avoiding the Plateau

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The Plateau: No growth for a prolonged period.

The problem with the plateau: Burn Out. 

Symptoms of Plateau/Burn Out: 

  • Apathy
  • Complacency
  • Disorganization
  • Lack of Fun
  • Lack of Time Management 

Does this sound like you? 

Fear not, you can change course, right now. 

First, think of yourself like a jet that needs fuel. You are carrying important cargo, your team, your patients and your community. 

Your fuel is your: desire, purpose and passion

You must constantly tap into these emotions and apply them to your goals and plans for your office. This will create an irresistible energy that will disseminate down from you the leader, to your team, patients, and community. 

When you can do this on a consistent basis you will find that your office will always be full and have that “buzz” that everyone dreams of. 

If you expecting to get the “buzz” when you see “x” number of patients, or have “x” number of new patients, then you are living in the wrong thinking. 

You see you must live with the end in mind. If you are living from your desires, passions and purpose and working from that plan/goal then you will have the energy that attracts what you desire. 

Changing Course: 

  1. Re-write goals and plans
  2. Write down your desires, passion and purpose as it relates to both your personal goals and practice goals 
  3. Write down and share with your team your: Mission, Vision and Purpose
  4. Evaluate your time management 
  5. Evaluate your environment: What is old and stagnant? What can you change (even if you’re on a budget) that would make a significant difference in your energy? 
  6. Write down your to do list each night and organize it using our A, B, C, D, E system 

Re-ignite your passion and purpose to serve as many people as possible! Remember, the world needs you and chiropractic.

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