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Chiropractic Coaching: Running a Swiss Watch Team 

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Who wouldn’t like their team to run like a Swiss watch? 

I have figured out the top ten ways to build a team that runs efficiently and is inspired every day. These 10 steps are both on the “be” and “do” level. 

10 Steps for Team Building 

  1. Written mission, vision and purpose statement– share it with your team, once per month
  • Purpose: why you’re on the planet- not related to chiropractic or profession 
  • Mission: This is all about your work and what you do
  • Vision: How will you fulfill your mission? For our office, it’s through our “One Stop Wellness Shop”
  1. Formulate plan and work it everyday
  • Begin with the end in mind and work backwards
  • Be malleable and accept that changes will happen
  • Whether it’s inch by inch, or mile by mile you will get to your vision if you work at it every day
  1. Research and Development on yourself 
  • R and D on your team
  • Know the strengths and weaknesses of both you and your team. 
  • Double your learning, triple your profits
  • Spend time and invest money in everyone on your team to work on your weaknesses
  1. Choose to do the right things, every time
  • Your team will gain inspiration from watching you choose to do the right things every time.
  • This will show your integrity as both a leader and as a person.
  • People want to follow people with integrity, who are true to their word and put the needs of the many above their own. 
  1. Attitude of gratitude
  • Show your gratitude for your team, your patients and community
  • This makes you approachable, likeable, and shows your humility
  1. Leading edge 

– Have high standards that make your clinic a first-class establishment

– The community should see your office as a resource for all things health and wellness 

  1. Surround yourself with the best

– Starts with your front desk quarterback, then your back-office assistants, accountant, spiritual coach, chiropractic coach, physical coach

– You don’t have to be the smartest, but you should surround yourself with the smartest

  1. Extraordinary service for a fair fee 

– High standard of service, high detail orientation

– Everyone should walk out feeling like they received more than they paid 

  1. Brand USP (Unique Selling Proposition)- market it, have fun with it 
  • “Experienced experts that you can trust”
  • “One stop wellness shop”
  • Spend time figuring out your USP and then incorporate it into everything you do 
  1. Compassion to serve versus compulsion to survive
  • Service comes first
  • The compulsion to survive scares people away. 
  • Actions and behaviors personify long term goal 

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