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Choices are Transformational

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The choices we make are transformational for shaping our lives and destinies. 

Your choices are a reflection of your attitude, it’s what we do and what we don’t do.  Every day you can choose to be aware and conscious of the choices that are you making. Even not making a choice is a choice not to decide. Where you are today is a summation of the results of the choices that you have previously made. Therefore, the first step is to become aware of each choice, the potential effect it will have on your life and decide to start making conscious choices.  To begin, we need to evaluate where we are in life and recognize the prior choices that we have made and decide if we like where we are or if we would like the change. 

Here are my 10 tips for making conscious choices to transform your life: 

What are you pretending not to know?

In other words, where are you operating in denial? Many people are guilty of wanting someone else to tell them to get moving and operating their life from this place of “I don’t know”.  They are afraid to make the wrong decision and accept the responsibility for that choice.  They would rather someone else make the decision for them, so they have someone to blame if it doesn’t go right.  Rather, they have a lack of confidence in themselves to choose the correct choice. 

Don’t have to be sick to get better

In other words, change is necessary for growth.  You may not hate how your life has turned out and maybe you even love it, but where could things improve, how could things improve. These are important questions to always be asking yourself, as the answer might surprise you.  Always striving for better is not a sign of ungratefulness, in fact, it’s a sign that you are so grateful that you are asking for more! You are the designer of your life and it’s time to take charge. 

No matter where you go, there you are

Living authentically, when you take a stand on one circumstance, then other similar domains will resolve.  For instance, if you give great ROF, where you tell the truth, give your best recommendations and expect good outcomes, then you will always be a person of integrity, who tells the truth, gives their best and expects good outcomes. People will come to trust your word, and you will be a person of good character. 

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything

Do you say you’ll be on time and instead you’re always late? Then you are making the choice to not be a person of your word. This is important because it also shows others how you operate your life. 

Listen with the intent to understand

Seek to understand before seeking to be understood. So many people are only half listening when other people talk. Instead of giving them their full attention, they are already trying to form their next rebuttal or remember their story that they want to tell.  To become a great listener: listen intently, ask for clarity, and once you develop clarity then you’ll have understanding. 

When you operate automatically, you’ll never progress

Change is necessary, period.  If you always do the same old thing, you’ll always get the same result.  If you decide there is an area of your life that you would like different, or better results then you have to stop yourself from operating in old automatic patterns. 

Enlightenment comes from consciousness

The enlightened beings who have walked this earth have focused on turning on their consciousness.  If you are a zombie that does everything on autopilot then guess what? You’re not going to feel very enlightened.  Having a stroke of genius comes from enlightenment and that comes from awareness and consciousness. 

How do you see problems?

Do you get stuck on problems, or do you see them as possibilities and opportunities waiting for you? Problems present challenges these challenges create obstacles, and our choice is get stuck on the obstacle or to see the solutions and possibilities.  What can go right? What are the opportunities that can come from this? 

Having responsibility for your own life

In life, no matter how we were raised, there comes a time when it is our choice to either be a victim or a victor. A victim is powerless, and everything happens to them. A victor takes responsibility for everything that happens in their life and stands powerfully regarding the circumstance. 

I forgive you and set myself free

This is the last and perhaps the most important all the tips.  When you use this as a daily exercise in personal freedom, it’s amazing how free you become.  By forgiving someone it doesn’t mean you condone what they did or forget what happened, it means that you aren’t going to shackle yourself to that experience and limit yourself in anyway. Your greatest opponent in life is always yourself because we are what we repeatedly do, but we have the option to fix our mistakes!

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