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Create a New Patient Experience to get Rave Reviews!

Creating a WOW Experience:

1- Provide Extraordinary Service

2- Everyone becomes a Patient Advocate.

3- Be Congruent with your vision and your message.

4- Make sure to give the patient a positive and supportive experience.

5- Make a lasting first impression, you only get one chance.

6- Treat the patients like they are important and you will become important.

7- Have attention to detail and be attentive to the patients.

8- Use Expectation Management to Exceed Expectations.

9- Under Promise and over Deliver.

10- Be prepared for the 1st visit by getting all the paper work and preparing the chart in advance.

11- Create Rapport on the first visit by Breaking Down Barriers and finding commonalities.

12- Ensure long term relationships with a written ROF, a Health Care class and a New patient Call.


Contact me and I will give you a power point provided by one of our members on “The Backpack Predicament.” Use it at your Grammar Schools!

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