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Decision Making

Have you ever had the experience with a friend or a spouse where no one can decide what to eat or where to eat? 

The most successful people are decisive. When you waste time deciding you are losing power over directing your destiny. Using your intuition to decide can change your destiny. Decision making is something we all must do. When you do nothing, that is still a decision, and we lose control to control our destiny. Our life is a summation of all our decisions small and large. The key to how we experience life is the small and large decisions we make on a day-to-day basis. These decisions done repeatedly have a big effect on our life. What if you decide to eat a donut for breakfast? If you, do it once or twice a year, maybe it’s not a big deal? But if you eat a donut everyday then it becomes a big problem because it can start to negatively effect your health. The same effect happens when eat good food for breakfast, now you are taking small positive steps towards having a positive effect on your health every day.  

It is important to overcome paralysis by analysis. When we live in fear, we stop making decisions and then our life becomes stalled. We must live in a state that looks for opportunity and possibility. To look for opportunity and possibility your must train your muscle of intuition. Over time if you do not trust your intuition, you will lose that muscle. Practice on small decisions, this will give you faith and confidence to do it on big decisions. 

Intuition is from your innate intelligence. Be careful not to make assumptions. Assumptions are based on extraordinarily little fact and are mostly guesses. Intuition is from your own innate intelligence which is divinely inspired by the universal intelligence.

You may use intuition in your practice. For instance, you may have a patient that you have a feeling needs advanced imaging or you want to change the therapy protocol because you have a sense that this is what they need. Listening to your own innate intelligence may have a profound impact on that patients’ care and that can allow your both to live at your highest potential.  

You may also use intuition in your relationships, both personal and business.  It may help you to pick the right partner as a spouse by knowing that they are right for you. It could also help to avoid a potential disaster with someone you like personally but intuition tells you that are not right for you in business. 


Rate your level in intuition on a scale of 1-10. 1 is not listening to intuition at all, 10 is using intuition to its highest level. 

E-mail me with your rating at and find out how you can grow your intuition. 

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