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Faith Vs Certainty

We’re not talking about faith in the religious sense.  Faith is like love, universal intelligence, innate intelligence, we believe in these entities yet there are no objective measurements to prove them.  

Faith is a tool to help us make decisions.  We have faith that the adjustment will work.  We have faith that body will heal itself. We have faith that we know what we are doing.  We have faith in our business. Chiropractors’ often use the phrase ‘Let Go and Let God’, meaning that once you have delivered the adjustment, have faith that their body will heal them. 

Some people get stuck when they don’t know something or don’t understand something.  However, it is imperative that you keep moving forward. We must act on what we do know.  We must have full faith in the chiropractic principles. 

An acute problem becomes chronic and a chronic problem will become permanent and this leads to disease.  We know this with certainty, or we should. 

Act on what you do know and try not to let the things you don’t know get you stuck.  Have full faith in chiropractic, universal intelligence, innate intelligence and you will start to make better decisions. 

How does that work? It takes three kinds of faith:

Blind Faith: There is good in everything

Leap of Faith: Deciding even if you’re unsure  

Rational Faith:  You know it should work

Believe there is good in everything, decide to decide even if you’re unsure, and know that it should work. 

Increase your potency by working on three things:

Present Time Consciousness



If you are present with your patients and not distracted by outside influences, you will draw them into the adjustment.  Second, loving service is what we are called to do, we must love everyone. Last, focus during your adjustment and set the intention that your patient needs this adjustment at this time and space. 

Implement all of this and you will start to show up at your best.  When you show up at your best you will have a wonderful life. 

Prepare for success this will lead to self-certainty, self-certainty leads to confidence, confidence leads to us showing up at our best, and showing up at our best leads to a wonderful life. 

Has your faith been wavering? 

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