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Give Hope Get Referrals: Chiropractic Marketing

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Hope is the best instrument for success.  When you are planning your chiropractic marketing for the end of the year you should consider how you will implement hope into each aspect.  As a chiropractic coach and speaker, I can tell you first-hand that hope is number one chiropractic marketing tool. 

When you think of a cancer patient who is fighting for their life, you know that they must have hope to survive.  There is always a percentage chance for survival, and doctors are sure to point out that the treatment is not a one hundred percent guarantee. 

Knowing how imperative hope is for that patient who is facing their mortality in the here and now, what do you think of importance of hope in your patients’ care? 

Your patient is facing pain and uncertainty regarding their quality of life from now until they eventually die. I would say that hope is as equally important for this patient as it is for the patient who is undergoing chemotherapy. 

Therefore, when I am coaching a chiropractor and chiropractic office, I make sure to stress the importance of hope in their marketing, verbiage, and environment. Hope is not an option and there is no such thing as false hope. 

As we said before, there are no guarantees when it comes to any kind of treatment, but it does not make hope any less relevant.  In fact, hope is so powerful that it has another name “The Placebo Effect” and there is plenty of research that states that “the placebo effect” or hope is very effective at producing change in the body. 

Now, we can say with certainty that hope is necessary for patients to truly heal. 

When it comes to chiropractic marketing you must look at your self-talk. Is your self-talk asking what could go right? Are you looking for opportunities? Is your self-talk giving yourself hope? Or are you based in fear, self-doubt, and insecurities? 

The hope you give yourself creates more positive action.  When you have this positive mentality, you can then build hope through the adjustment pathway with your patients. If you have questions on the adjustment pathway you can listen to my podcast on iTunes or email me at

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