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Grow Through Challenge Part 2

Let’s continue our discussion about realizing your full potential using conflicts we experience in our daily lives.

The laws of physics describe centropy and entropy.  Centropy is bringing the world towards organization.  It increases integration, increases organization and allows for growth.  On the other hand entropy is about creating chaos.  The creation of disintegration, dissolution, and disease.  Which do you think is better?

Obviously, centropy will bring us closer to our goals by making us more efficient and streamlining processes.  We can apply this to our conflict and approach it methodically to increase efficiency.  So, how to do we incorporate centropy into our conflict resolution toolbox? Easy we use the formula found in the previous post. S+R=O

Situation + Response = Outcome

  1. Decide what outcome we want to achieve; it doesn’t always have to be pleasant.  Maybe we want to separate ourselves from those who hold us back.  This may not be pleasant to experience but it could be in our best interest.
  2. Apply centropy. Organize your thoughts, how can you integrate your plan into your conflict.
  3. Put your plan in place
  4. Tackle your conflict with the confidence that you will achieve your goal

Remember an emotional reaction will not lead to growth.  A well-formed, well-thought out response with give you clarity and lead to growth and expansion. 

I like to use the example of having a romantic evening with my wife.  First, I know my goal: To have a wonderfully romantic evening with my lovely wife. Next, I’ll plan out the evening: we’re going to sit outside on the patio, I’m going to pick out a nice bottle of wine, candles on the table, and a delicious steak on the grill.

Conflict enters it starts raining. Now, I could get all upset and say the evening is ruined because it’s raining, and we can’t sit on the patio.  Or I can reformulate my plan, decide to open the garage, move everything inside and watch the rain while we eat.  Obviously, I’m going to choose to reformulate so I can reach my goals.

When you feel yourself starting to get emotional with a conflict try using meditation and prayer.

Try this exercise at home: Rate Your Conflict Management on a scale of 1-10

1=not much , 10= very much

3 areas you avoid conflict

3 areas to work on to improve resolution skills

I want to know how you did on this exercise! Go over here, schedule a time to talk with me and let’s go over your results and how we can improve these skills.

Remember it’s green lights and blue skies for you and there’s nothing you can’t do.

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