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Grow Through Challenge

To start off I’d like to give credit to the two books I’ve been reading lately: “100 Unbreakable Laws of Business Success” by Brian Tracy and “The 10X Rule” by Grant Cardone. Soon, you will be able to find these on the website, but until then,  I suggest you add these to your collection and read them at least once per year.

In order to grow through challenge, we must use the principle of “S + R =O”. Where S = Situation, R= Response and O= Outcome.  Throughout our lives whether it’s in practice or at home, you will encounter conflict and I believe that by implementing this strategy you will start to see the outcomes that you want.  It’s in the way that we handle these conflicts that determines whether we are going to experience joy, success and fulfillment.  

B.J. Palmer describes the two possible outcomes of conflict as expansion or contraction.  You decide beforehand if this situation is going to help you grow.  Unfortunately, there is a physical component to this decision and that is the addiction to the stress hormone.  Your body maybe so used to stress and the release of stress hormones into your body that you become wired to make decisions that will increase conflict, increase contraction, and increase stress hormones into your body. 

You must be careful not to let your response be driven by emotion, resentment or abuse. Try to view conflict with expansion in mind. Can you imagine? Being financially free! Choosing to go to work! Having unlimited happiness at home! While these things might seem unimaginable to you right now, trust me, it’s possible.  I have helped thousands of doctors just like you to achieve what they never thought possible.

You can start right now by trying to imagine how wonderful life would be if you weren’t stuck in conflict.  Your work life would improve, your marriage would improve, you would have an increased level of self-worth. 

Now, in order to implement this vision, you need to ask yourself “How do I show up?” Start to become cognizant of what kind of energy you bring to each situation.  Have you let negativity become your identity, in other words do you find yourself saying things like “I’ve struggled my whole life.”  Start showing up in a positive way.  

This might be one of the biggest decisions you can make to start to positively affect your life.  Start showing up to conflict with positive vibes and mental images of success.  Don’t fear the outcome, whether it’s good or bad.  You can always learn from it.  So, if you’ll learn a lesson then there is nothing to fear because there’s always going to be a positive.

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Remember it’s green lights and blue skies for you and there’s nothing you can’t do.

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