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How to be Efficient

 Last time we talked; we were learning about the concept of delegation.  By now, you should be at least two weeks into using this method. A, B, C, D, E. This method is great for increasing productivity because you do what only you can do and delegate out what others can do.  You also learn to prioritize the most important tasks and become the master of your time. 

When you practice delegation, you are also learning the concept of ‘forced efficiency’.  This means that there is always enough time to do what’s most important. 

When you begin to sift through the items on your to-do list that were weighing you down you will notice certain aspects of your life change. 

  1. Health and Energy
  2. Discipline and Will Power
  3. Happy Relationships at work 
  4. Meaningful work
  5. Financial independence
  6. Self- actualization

Through these changes you will start to become all that you’re capable of becoming.

Happiness is a by-product of doing what you like in the company of people you like doing it with. It’s an inside job. 

Make sure you are surrounding yourself with people who fit your culture.  Do they have the heart of a servant? Do you they care about chiropractic, healthy nutrition, exercise, a balanced lifestyle? Are they on fire to bring your message to the world? 

If that answer is no, then that may be why you’re having trouble delegating.  If you can’t trust that the people you’ve surrounded yourself with will make the best choices with the tasks you’ve selected, then it’s time to re-evaluate your team. 

Remember happiness is an inside job and you need to take responsibility for yourself and your life. As always, I am happy to take your questions and comments, head over here and ask away!

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