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How to: Becoming the Successful Version of Yourself

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Here are the 3 steps to becoming the best and most successful version of yourself. 

  1. Invest in Yourself
  • Chiropractic coaching
  • Personal development books, audio programs
  • Seminars for your technique 
  1. Copy the best
  • Find the most successful chiropractors in your technique/state/nation
  • Invite them to a zoom call, coffee, dinner and ask them what they did to get to where they are (most people want to share their advice)
  • Take what you learn and integrate it into your life and practice 
  1. Commit to Pay the Price
  • If you take three successful chiropractors out to dinner and they all tell you that they wake up at 4am and do their exercise, hour of power, meditation, etc… and you decide that’s too early for you, what do you think the chances are they you will be as successful as them? 
  • Pay attention to their attributes and make a list of all the attributes that they share. For example, discipline, energy, enthusiasm, ambition etc… 
  • Find out which area you need more discipline and commit to improving that area. 

Since I have owned a very successful chiropractic practice and have the privilege to work with many offices around the United States in the top twenty percent let me give you some starting points. 

  1. Plan Your Day
  • Including Hour of Power
  1. Dress for Success
  • Dress better than your best dressed patient. 
  • Look impeccable all the time.
  1. Walk and Talk like a Leader
  • Be a thought leader.
  1. Be Growth Centered
  • Constantly look for ways to grow and improve. 
  1. Be Present in Your Spare Time and Feel with All of Your Senses
  • Outdoor sports like golf, skiing and the beach help to use all your senses to appreciate your world and reconnect to present time consciousness. 
  1. Associate with other Successful People
  • Hang around the eagles and not the turkeys. Spend more time with other people who are like minded. 
  1. Take Courses to Learn and Improve Yourself 

Tips to avoid: 

  1. Procrastination
  2. Indecision
  3. Fear of failure

I hope this gives you much needed direction in order to change your life and the lives of those around you. 

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