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How to build a multi-million dollar practice

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Failing to master the subconscious mind is the route of all failure, according to Venice Bloodworth.  During my chiropractic coaching, I use her book to help my clients with the mental roadblocks that are holding them back. 

Maybe you think that you are not seeing the results you want because your spouse does not understand, or your office manager does not do what you need them to do, or insurance does not pay well, or it is your patients who do not understand the value of your care? 

If you have said any of the above, then I have news for you, the problem is YOU. The good news you do not have to fix anyone else or even fix your community, all you must do is fix the space between your ears.  When you realize that you have the power within you to solve your problems then you become a master at running your practice. 

How Does Chiropractic Coaching Work? 

Coaching works like teaching in school.  When you were in school, you learned by watching the teacher solve a problem on the board.  They walked through the steps and you realized that it was possible to solve the problem.  Then they explained how they solved the problem and you realized that it made sense.  The next part is where people either learned to persevere or they learned the behavior of giving up/short cuts.  You solve the problem, does not usually come easily.  Even though you know that it works and that it makes sense, there is a lag time between you having these revelations and owning the concept yourself. 

The teacher gives more examples, you try and fail, repeatedly until at last something clicks in your brain and you have solved the problem.  More importantly, you have mastered the ability to solve any number of problems that are formulated in the same way. 

This is chiropractic coaching. 

You might say but I am paying so that I do not try and fail.  Incorrect, just like in school, trying and failing is part of the process.  You are paying so that you can master the concept as fast as possible.  The messy part in the middle must happen, no matter what.  

How to Make Big Money and Help Thousands of Patients? 

They call it chiropractic practice because that is what it is, practice. To get the level that most chiropractors dream of you must practice.  However, as the saying goes, you do not know what you do not know and therefore you must practice with a teacher.  Someone who already knows how to solve the problem and can help you learn from mistakes and master the art. 

Most chiropractors, want to learn everything in a weekend seminar or listen to audio files, or maybe talk back and forth with friends who are just as clueless, this will get you nowhere. 

You must learn from someone who has spent years mastering the skills and is now prepared to teach you. 

This is what chiropractic coaching is all about. That is why there is no short cut or weekend seminar that can teach you everything you need to know. 

You must repeatedly practice, learn from mistakes, and move forward with conviction that you are heading in the right direction. 

The money and patients will follow. E-mail for your next coaching call. 

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