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How to Create a Referral Practice

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Referrals always come from the inside out of the practice. Meaning that the patients should be referring 85% of your new patients. With 99% of the population not currently under chiropractic care, there are many people in the world who we need to serve. 

So how do you get those internal referrals? It’s all about patient satisfaction. 

Now we need to measure patient satisfaction and we do those two ways.  Once at the beginning of the year and one on a day-to-day basis. 

At the beginning of the year send out a patient satisfaction survey. When you have high patient satisfaction then you will see more repeat business and more referrals. 

Here is the survey that we send out: 

  1. What makes our office special? 
  2. What made you choose our office over other offices?
  3. Why would you refer your friends and family? 
  4. What do you want and need from our office? 
  5. How could our office better serve you? 

How to track patient satisfaction on daily basis:

Make sure that your staff has this mentality when interacting with patients: “Are we amazing the patient?”

Levels of patient satisfaction on a day-to-day basis

  1. Meeting expectation- this is when you help the patient with the problem that they came in with.
  2. Exceeding expectation- this patient feels better and feels indebted to you, they send in referrals but this is the lowest level of satisfaction
  3. Delighting the patient- you bring energy, enthusiasm, and hope to the patient, these patients become evangelists
  4. Amazing the patient- this is the highest level and combines wowing the patient, confounding them with the results that they didn’t expect, these patients stay, pay, and refer for a lifetime.

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