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How to Create More Energy and Avoid Energy Wasting

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In energy management, we discussed the ways that you can manage your energy through diet, exercise, and rest. These three pillars in energy management are important for the day-to-day cycle of energy production, energy release, and repair to the body and mind. If you are new to energy management, start with making changes to your sleep habits, adding in meditation, changing your diet to more nutritious foods and balancing energy depleting and creating exercises. 

The next question is after we have mastered energy management or at least have a better handle on it, how do we create more energy? 

If you’re like most of my clients, you want to create more energy to serve more people and have fun with your family. 

Creation of Energy


If energy is x, then energy creation is x+ 

What creates more energy? Passion, success and love. 

Passion or purpose will create an excited buzz inside of your body and mind.  You cannot stop thinking about it and cannot wait to go do it.  You feel highly motivated and engaged in what you are doing. When you work on these projects you will feel your energy start to rise and stay higher in vibration. 

Experiencing success and momentum will also increase your energy levels.  When you have your best day in practice or you reach new goals, that will inspire you/raise your energy to want to accomplish more of that.  Conversely, when you fail or feel stuck then you are losing energy. Building energy is focusing on the events that create more success and momentum in your life and business. 

Lastly, love is the most abundant resource we have for energy.  Love will ignite a fire of passion and energy that will propel even when you are dog tired. Think about a first date, you could be exhausted from work but when you go on that first date (and it’s going well) then you could stay up all night long. 

Energy Leaks

Energy leaks are places where you are losing energy.  This can be visualized by x-

Obligations- When you go to work or volunteer projects, do you hear yourself saying “I have to do this” or “I have to help with that”? If you do, then this is called an obligation and it will wear on you over time. If instead, you hear yourself saying “I get to do this”, or “I’m so glad I get to do that”, then you are working on a passion project and that is creating energy inside of you. 

Toxic relationships- A toxic relationship can be with anyone: a friend, family member, spouse, co-worker. Evaluating relationships periodically throughout our lives can help to identify the ones that are currently or have become toxic over time. If you find yourself avoiding that person or feeling stressed when you must see them that you have a toxic relationship.  While not all relationships can be eliminated, for instance, a parent, some can be altered so that there is less stress or energy leakage.  Focus on intentionally managing the situation by having multiple people there or changing the topic of conversation, you can also limit the amount of time  you spend with that person. 

Worry- This is one area of energy leakage that affects many people. So many people worry about things that have not happened and will never happen.  This is a huge waste of time and energy. More importantly, worrying about things you cannot control or change will prevent you from working on more productive projects that you are actually passionate about. 

Action steps:

Where can you create more energy?

Where are areas that are leaking your energy?

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