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How To: Create Opportunities in a Covid World

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If you have struggled for years with chiropractic marketing and marketing your practice, then you should be jumping up and down that people are finally interested in health.  If you do not know what I am talking about then you need to hire a chiropractic coach and find out how to truly help your community. 

Please do not kid yourself that no one is taking advantage of this situation.  There is an old saying “If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything”.  This could not be truer than today.  People are falling for health gimmick after health gimmick.  They are buying sports equipment in bulk, the are buying supplements by the truck load.  

Why should they miss out on chiropractic care? More importantly, why are you letting them miss out? 

A client of mine has a patient who told her this week that her MLM business is busier than ever.  The patient is in the health and wellness space and told the doctor that people have been buying her zinc patches non-stop since Covid hit.  Funnily enough, the doctor is barely selling her zinc supplement.  If this story does not hit you hard, it should. 

The doctor should be the one telling people about quality, high grade supplements that will boost their immune system and instead she is being told by her patient how people are finally coming around to health and wellness. 

Chiropractic offices should be BURSTING at the seems with people trying to get supplements and adjustments to support and enhance their immune systems. 


Just like you would do with your stock portfolio, it is time to diversify.  If you want to build a strong business for the coming economy, I strongly suggest that you work on diversifying your business portfolio. 

First take an inventory of your revenue streams and find out where your money is coming from.  How much comes from adjustments (cash, insurance, both), therapies, supplements, rent from other providers? 

Next decide what you are interested in; you must have a vision for your practice. 


A great way to increase your monthly revenue is by hiring independent contractors. Independent contractors work to build your brand, cut down on overhead and provide coverage throughout the year. I think it is especially important to have at least two other providers in your practice who specialize in techniques that are DIFFERENT from your own (important for tax purposes). 


Vitamin and mineral sales are through the roof and this will not be a passing fad. Do you know why? 


People throughout America are going to start taking supplements like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc and they are going to get sick less often, have more energy and improved quality of life and they are going to stay on them!

If you think this a passing fad you are sorely mistaken.  This is going to be a REVOLUTION IN HEALTH. 

Lots of opportunity is ripe for the picking if you would just open your eyes and look around. 

CBD Supplements

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I am giving this its own category because shameless self-promotion on your blog is ALLOWED!  I own and operate N8 CBD.  It is a wonderful company bringing high quality CBD products to chiropractors everywhere. 

Not only is it high quality but we only sell to chiropractors, not the general public. 

This is a company created with YOU in mind.  We also have amazing profit margins and people cannot stop raving about our pain balms and immune boosting capsules. 

Add this to your chiropractic marketing program (remember to follow your state guidelines) and you will see sales that are out of this world. 

Mental Game

Winning the game of life is really won in the 6 inches in between our ears. If we can master our thoughts, habits, and behaviors then we can truly conquer anything. 

Most people need help with this step but once they truly ‘Get It’ there is nothing holding them back from winning. 

Let me ask you this, are you playing to win or playing not to lose? 

Make everyday the best day ever and tackle every problem like it needed to be done yesterday.  Remember if fear is the biggest motivator than use it your advantage. Start mentally tricking yourself into thinking “if I don’t get this done today then tomorrow may not come”.  Use psychologically to empower yourself in a positive direction!

Coach Lee  

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