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How to have a Breakthrough

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The first step in having a breakthrough is the realization that no one is coming to save you.  You must develop a sense of self-responsibility. Everything in life is one hundred percent your responsibility. 

If you give responsibility away to mother nature, the government, or any outside force then you are giving away your power to make choices that will change the outcome. 

Look first to areas in which you have given away your responsibility and then find a way to reclaim it. If the weather was bad and you blamed that for your loss in income or in 2020 if there was pandemic and you blamed that for your drop in business, then look to these so-called negative events and find ways to reclaim your responsibility.  Who chose to live in an area that seasonally has bad weather? Who did not seek the opportunity to develop other avenues of revenue before a pandemic that would insulate their business from a drop in person-to-person business? 

When we reclaim our responsibility, we open ourselves up to opportunity to make different choices and thereby make changes in our businesses and in our lives. 

Next, learn from mistakes that you have made. Let go of your past and move on from it with the increased knowledge of how you learned the lesson. You will not make the same mistake twice if you have accepted the lesson and learned from it. 

Are Breakthroughs Luck? 

The answer is a simple, no. Breakthroughs are not based on luck or chance.  There is a formula for breakthrough that you can cultivate and use to decrease the randomness of breakthroughs happening in your life and business. 

Step One: Choice

Choose to have a breakthrough.  It is a choice that you must decide for yourself whether you are going to implement these strategies to have breakthroughs become reliable, dependable, and predictable events or whether you are going to let your past dictate your future. 

Step Two: Intention/Desire

Get clear on the type of breakthroughs you desire in your life.  If you want to hit a certain revenue goal then get clear on how much you would like to collect every day, every week, every month, and every year. 

You can apply this clarity to all areas of your life. If you want a six pack, then get clear on the action steps that it would take to develop a six pack and good health for daily, weekly, and monthly goals. 

Begin to peel off the layers of the unknown.  If you do not know what your very specific intention or desire is then you cannot steer yourself towards your breakthrough. 

Systematically break down these layers until you have a crystal-clear vision. 

Step Three: Use Outside Inspiration

For this one, let me give you and example of how I used outside inspiration to drive my intention for more new patients. 

First, I made the choice that I had a burning desire to grow, help more people and acquire new patients. 

Second, I became very clear on how many new patients I wanted, 5 new patients per day. 

Third, I was treating a gymnast from a local high school and the Olympics were coming up. After seeing a local billboard with an Olympic theme for something un-related to chiropractic, I was inspired to create a television commercial based on gymnastics and the Olympics. 

I asked the patient and her father if they would be interested in doing a commercial? They said yes. 

Next, I asked her local high school gymnasium if we could use their gym? They said yes. 

Lastly, we made the commercial and set the American flag in the background waving and had Walter Cronkite voice over the commercial saying a script that described my practice as the place where future Olympians receive treatment. 

The outcome? More new patients than I could believe. 

If you are looking to make changes and desire success in your business, follow these steps. If you need guidance, email me at

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