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How to Improve Workplace Happiness

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Workplace happiness is especially important to cultivate long term, loyal employees.  They want to get up and go to an office where they feel they have a purpose and are appreciated.  This does not mean that you can not provide constructive criticism or keep your office in order.  In fact, some employers often get these two points confused. 

Work place happiness is not equated with your boss being your friend.  Most employees appreciate the boundary between employer and employee.  They do not need extra friends nor do you.  Keeping a professional distance allows separation of personal and professional life. If they have a bad weekend at home, they can go to work and leave that behind.  There is a sense of freedom that comes with good boundaries. 

Work place happiness is also not equated with a lack of rules and regulations.  People appreciate clear lines in the guidelines that dictate what is allowed and what is not.  That way there is less debate amongst employees as to who’s allowed to do what.  When you do not have clear guidelines and lines get blurred then people can feel slighted or as if there is some privilege to being the bosses ‘favorite’.  

So, what makes people happy at work? 

Defined Job Titles

Titles are allowed to change as positions change and the market dictates what is necessary. You can always work with the employee to make the position fit their strengths and minimize their weaknesses.  However, it is not a good idea to not have strong job descriptions and allow for interpretation. 

Strong Office Policies

Make sure you have a written office policy and you follow it without exception.  This will create an even playing field for your employees.  

They can go to the office policy when they have questions that need answers. 

Positive and Uplifting Environment

Good lighting, fresh paint, clean carpets, and all the other little details that chiropractors can overlook are important to maintaining a clean and fresh environment.  People like to work in clean and comfortable environments, they do not want to come into an office that is dirty, smelly, dark and old looking. 

Keeping these helpful tips in mind will help to keep your employees loyal and happy for a long time to come.

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