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How to: Join the top 20% in your field

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Many chiropractors have questions when it comes to chiropractic marketing during their coaching calls. They want to know what to do to get more new patients and to increase revenue.  While you need to have a specific chiropractic marketing program, you also need to be the chiropractor who people go to. If you are a chiropractor and you are wondering how to join the ranks of the top twenty percent of chiropractors in the nation, then you must adopt these philosophies for success. The worst thing you can do is not change yourself and then spend a bunch of money that doesn’t deliver. 

The top twenty percent in any field earn eighty percent of the profits. There are a few key points that separate the top earners from everyone else. 

The three key areas of focus are: 

  1. Definite Purpose
  2. Create Plans
  3. Tightly closed to negative thinking

Let’s go ahead and break those down. 

Definite Purpose

Chiropractors who are in the top twenty percent of all chiropractors have a definite purpose that goes beyond collecting money.  They serve a higher purpose, called God or the Universe, for the good of all mankind.  They show up to their practice everyday filled up with love, gratitude, energy, enthusiasm to help and serve their patients, team members, family, and community.  

Figure out what your higher purpose is and journal on that idea. 

Create Plans

The top twenty percent have a plan for everything.  They are laser focused on their purpose and make plans to get what they want. They do not stop at creating plans, they are continually working on their plans.  Putting your plans into action is a key step to always staying at the head of the pack.  

Closed to Negativity

When you have a goal, and you can see it very clearly then there is no room to even entertain the idea of failure or negativity.  Failures will happen but they are helpful to see what didn’t work so you can fail quickly and move on. Successful people want to fail fast and fail often so they can succeed even faster. For this reason, the top twenty percent of chiropractors are not concerned with failure and do their best to stay away from negative people.  They keep their mind on the positive and envision only what they want to happen. This may be difficult at first, if you have constantly looked at the negative or had a glass half empty perspective for most of your life.  Start with bite sized chunks and then make it a game to keep your mind on what you want. If you have any questions, then please email me at

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