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How to: Make More Money in 3 Easy Steps

One of the most asked questions is “How to do I make more money?”.  The answer is easier than you might think. 

I am known for being the ‘One Stop Wellness Shop’. This means that I know how to be a businessman and a chiropractor. 

One Stop Wellness Shop 

If someone is coming to you as a chiropractor then you know that they are also looking to make changes in other areas of their health.  They want to increase their exercise, increase nutrition, lose weight, and other areas that you could help.  

They know that their primary care doctor does not have any training in nutrition or weight loss and has not been helpful besides prescribing medication for their chronic conditions.  

They are going to look to you for the knowledge on how to turn their health around.

Offer 24/7 Service 

The other area I excel is maximizing my investments.  If I am paying rent, I am paying for that space 24/7, 365 that means that I can also hire or rent to other doctors or other practitioners. 

Ok, so let us dive into the three easy steps for making more money easily.  All you must do is follow these easy to implement steps and you will be paying your overhead before you even open your doors on the 1st of each month. 

Step 1: Supplements 

You must carry a line of supplements that will help people to maximize their health.  They are going to buy calcium, vitamin D, vitamin B, and other vitamins from big box stores or pharmacies that are of lesser quality. They should get their vitamins from you! You should be giving your patients specific, helpful advice on how to maximize their health through good nutrition. 

Most people are woefully deficient in Vitamin D, and the Bs.  You should at least be carrying a good quality brand to support people during cold and flu season.  

And you do not need to sell them! Your front office manager or back office staff can sell supplements. 

Step 2: Rent out Space

If you only want to work three days a week and you only want to be responsible for yourself, then learn how to be a landlord.  Rent out space to independent contractors and have them pay your overhead!  

This is something that is often overlooked.  Maybe a doctor wants to work nights only, PERFECT! They could work at night and you could work during the day. You do not need an associate per se. Make sure you have a good staff member to work the shift and then you have some great passive income. 

You could also rent space to a massage therapist on the weekends.  There are plenty of ethical, integrous doctors and therapists in your area who are looking for the right opportunity.  Be open to the possibilities and look for opportunities. 

Step 3: Online Shopping Page

Connect and invest in your website because it is there for people day and night.  Most people do their shopping at night when their melatonin levels are high, they are more susceptible to buy something.  Therefore, late-night infomercials are so profitable.  People are buying at night! 

If you are not tech-savvy there are plenty of people in the world who are.  These people can make you a shopping mall on your website and make your website profitable.  It is a serious mistake to think your website is only there to make you visible to new patients.  It should also be a one stop wellness shop. 


If you are going to start somewhere, the first step is renting out space. You already have the office space and running an advertisement is free on most websites or unbelievably cheap.  Find the right tenants for your office and begin running your office day and night. 

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