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How to Manage Your Energy to Get More Done in Less Time

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Managing your energy is equally important or more important than time management. You could have all the time but if you do not manage your energy then you do not get anything done, or you could have very little time but if you manage your energy then you will have enough time to complete tasks. 

The second premise of energy management is success requires energy. Production quantity is linked to energy. Energy is the fuel to move things forward. 

There are three forms of energy that we all have:

  1. Mental energy – the amount of energy it takes your brain to complete a project
  2. Spiritual energy – energy that is linked to our higher purpose
  3. Physical energy – the energy required to act physically

The total is these three distinct areas is your energy quotient. Improper time management leads to energy leakage. Energy management is primary if you want to succeed at your highest level. 

  1. Energy Management

Energy management is the utilization of the energy that you have or have stored. We are call this x

There are 3 areas in your life that will have direct impact upon your stored energy. 

  1. Rest

Rest is essential for energy storage.  During sleep, your body and mind are working to rest and repair from the previous day.  This rebuilding process takes about 8 hours and needs to be done under optimal conditions for the body to be truly replenished. 

This can take the form of sleep, meditation, or prayer. Sleep should be done a dark room, that is tepid in temperature, so you feel fully rejuvenated when you awaken the next morning. 

  1. Diet 

Your diet is critical to the amount of energy that your body produces to perform at an optimal level. What you eat and drink will increase or decrease your energy.  If you drink sugary drinks, eat processed foods then you will not have as much good quality energy inside of your body.  Comfort foods will result in more of stored energy, also known as fat. High level nutritional foods will give you upfront energy.  In other words, when you eat good quality, fresh fruits, and vegetables you are supplying your body with the nutrition it needs now to physically act in the way that you require. 

  1. Exercise 

Not all exercises have the same effect upon the body.  Take mountain biking and marathon running for example, these exercises require tremendous amounts of energy, and they will leave you feeling depleted, and you will need to recover after completing them. Yoga, weightlifting and some aerobic exercises will increase your energy after you get done.  These are forms of energy enriching exercises. Your mind and body feel refreshed and refueled afterwards.

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