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How to: Manifest Your Dream Life 

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If you want to forecast your future: Start Now

You need to proactively design your destiny now. If you know who you want to be when you are successful, then start being that person immediately. Start acting with the end in the mind. You don’t want to wait for the money, fame, or material things to appear in your life before you start being that person. Why is this important? What you think about you bring about. Where your attention goes, your energy flows and where your energy flows is where is you are going to grow. Conversely, when you think negatively and get stuck in a rut then you are putting your energy towards more of those negative results, and you will grow more negative events in your life. 

Change is Uncomfortable

There is no doubt that human beings are wired for comfort and staying the same. Why is that? Humans fear the unknown and the brain becomes hard-wired to running our programs that are known. We can change our brains by running new programs and this will make us uncomfortable. Once we keep practicing these new thoughts and patterns, they become our new normal.  This means that this pain of change is short-lived. 

Discomfort lasts until the change is an everyday experience, but the pain of staying the same is eternal. 

Areas of Focus for Manifestation

  1. Family
  2. Prosperity
  3. Professional
  4. Health 
  5. Spirituality
  6. Play/Travel
  7. Relationships

Get Clear

Use your imagination to form a picture of what your ideal life would look like in each area in 1 year and 5 years, if everything worked out ideally. Why ideally? Because why not ideally? Shoot for the stars and you might land in the clouds, shoot for the clouds and you may end up in the dirt. 

Spend time on this exercise and really form a clear picture of what you want in your life. Remember, your vision is your rudder directing your ship in the direction you want to go.  If you do not have a clear vision, then external factors will take over and point you somewhere you may not want to go. 

Who Will You Have to Become?

In your vision of your life, who will you have to become in order to achieve your ideal life? Use mentors, coaches, public figures or any other inspiration to figure out what that person looks like, how do they talk, how do they dress, how do they walk, how do they show up to their daily lives? 

Start becoming that person now, take steps everyday that bring you closer to that ideal version of yourself. 

Write down a list of action steps that breakdown your goals into bite size pieces and start acting on that list, NOW! Do not wait until tomorrow, you only have today. 

Feel It

This is important. You need to get emotional, irrationally excited, goosebumps, teary eyed, whatever will jumpstart your nervous system to start acting. When you activate your autonomic nervous system it will run subconscious programs to move you in the direction of your goals. This takes some of the mental anguish out of creating new habits, making different choices and it becomes driven from your inner self. 

Detach from the Outcome

Detach yourself from the outcome and dive headfirst into the process. When you let the outcome take care of itself then you can be truly present in the moment and enjoy the process. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal, and these are the good old days. You will look back on these minutes, hours and days and remember how you gave it your all to go after your goals.  You will be able to sit at the top of mountain and look back on all the pain, challenges, and short-lived discomfort to get to where you are now.  Let the details take care of themselves and only focus on what you need to do to become the best version of yourself. 

Don’t wait! Get started today!

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