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How to Scale Your Chiropractic Business: Let Go to Rise

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Letting Go to Rise 

We cannot escape who we are and who we are determines how well we will do.  Life thus becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of who we are. 

If you are reading this because you would like a new life and new possibilities, then you must change who you are. 

How to Begin

Thought is the starting process in transforming your life and business. If you are living by your past, then your past will become your future.  

This will cap your future success because you are constantly living in the past. You will only rise as far as you have in the past. 

Your past does not have to equal your future. We were different people in the past and we had different opportunities back then. Today, you may have already experienced different avenues for growth and expansion, but if you are living based on past experiences and making decisions based on your old mindset then you will continue to get the same results. 

Question to Ask Yourself

Is where you are, who you are? 

The bigger the difference, the bigger the destruction. There is always time for a second chance at a first dream.  If you are a chiropractor and are looking to scale your business, then this becomes a very important question. 

Is where you are in your practice, where you want to be? 

Get Clear

Get clarity around who you are and where you want your practice to be, and you will start seeing opportunities differently. You will start making different decisions that will become more in line with your purpose. 

Action Step: How to Scale Your Business

  1. Become Purpose Driven 
  • You must evolve into someone who is driven by a purpose to succeed and help as many people as possible. 
  • Evaluate your current purpose: Are you working to make ends meet? Are you working to pay the bills? If you want to have a nicer house, a nicer car, if you want to make a difference in your community, then those must become the thoughts that drive you. 
  1. Set High Standards
  • High standards will drive you to give the best recommendations and to seek out opportunities that are in line with your purpose.  
  • You must have high standards for yourself, your employees, your patients and expect that they will meet them. 
  • You must have high standard for your success in marketing, patient outcomes and growth in your business.  Your staff and patients will rise to the bar that you set. 
  1. Get Perturbed 
  • Develop a fire for change and be on fire to see your dreams come true. If you do not have a burning desire to see change in your business and your life, then no one else will want to follow through on your purpose. 

Take these action steps and write down on paper: what is my purpose? Is where I am, who I am? Am I perturbed enough to make a change? 
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