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“One-on-One Chiropractic Coaching is unlike anything the profession has ever seen before.” –Dr. Lee Wood

I am sure you have heard this before, but please do me the honor and continue reading so that we can explain where this bold statement is derived from…

Our profession is absolutely incredible as you know. We are comprised of visionaries who desire to make a lasting difference within our community, which will translate to a better future for generations to come. We see the “status quo” as something that is unnatural because our country (and for that matter the world) continues to spend money on healthcare, but yet, we are sicker than ever before. How could this be?

Well, my answer is simple…the people who NEED US (aka YOUR COMMUNITY) for the most part don’t even know that we exist because far too many chiropractors have not taken the time to DEVELOP both personally and professionally. This is where One-on-One Chiropractic Coaching is unlike anything our profession has seen before.

First and foremost, I have personally run a multi-million dollar practice, with a variety of services, a number of doctors, associates, and wildly creative marketing ideas (I had an elephant!). The reason why this is important is because what I advise my clients to do is based on my personal experience. I don’t say anything simply because it sounds good, but instead, I literally put myself in your situation and then navigate my way forward.
How Chiropractic Can HelpSecondly, I have consulted with 1,000’s of chiropractors and I have “seen it all;” from students just entering into practice, to 1000 patients/week clinics, to DCs failing and looking to leave as well as everything in between. I have worked with hundreds of chiropractors worldwide on new patient attraction, practice management, prosperity consciousness, communication skills and personal growth. As a passionate, enthusiastic speaker and coach—with what I believe to be unmatched integrity, work ethic and ability to raise the bar I continue helps support practitioners to achieve the practice and lifestyle of their dreams.

Third and most important, I AM STILL IN PRACTICE! This is by far one of the most important reasons why One-on-One Chiropractic Coaching is in a league of its own. There is nothing that I share that is theoretical because I am in the trenches of an extremely high volume practice with multiple doctors offering a variety of services. I understand what you are going through because I have been there.

In addition, we deliver an extraordinary service for a very fair fee. We have no extras or add-ons, and no long terms. You pay one monthly fee and everything is included, from materials to seminars, to staff training. NO EXTRA’S. The truth is, I have designed the agreements the way I would like to see them and sign them as a practicing DC.

I have proven that I can help chiropractors thrive, both personally and professionally, and I truly desire to help anyone that is willing to do the work and is open to make some changes. I ask that you take advantage of our FREE 30 minute personal and professional growth coaching call so that I can answer any questions you have to “show you what I know” and share with you some of the things I would do in your scenario. Then together we can determine if our coaching program fits your needs. You have nothing to lose and so, so, so much to gain!