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I’m Afraid to Share This Secret; It Works TOO Good

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Sometimes when you have something that works so good it’s hard not to share it.  The trouble comes when the people you tell it to either a) don’t believe you or b) try it for themselves but don’t do it the proper way.  So, if you want to know the secret to a happy and prosperous life, keep reading but remember that you must follow all the steps in order for it work. 

Being a chiropractic coach, I often get asked what the secret is to build a multi-million dollar a year office and the answer shocks most people.  They usually think it is about hiring some marketing guru or having a huge ad spend budget.  In reality, it is much simpler than all that (but having a good coach and spending in the right ways can help), you must follow the universal laws. 

Chiropractors espouse the knowledge of the universal principles as they relate to chiropractic, health, and wellness daily to their patients, friends, and family.  They can recite to you the green books and how the power that made the body heals the body. But do they understand the basic universal principles that guide our personal and business lives? 

In my experience, many chiropractors are missing this vital knowledge and would benefit from learning and then implementing this information. If you relate to what I have just said then hang in there and we will unlock the secret that will change your life forever. 

The Laws of Life & Business

Law 1: Expectation 

When you expect a certain result you draw on the power of confidence.  Confidence is a characteristic that allows us to show up at our best in any situation.  This explains why people who seem to always lose, keep losing and people who always win, keep winning.  

Let’s imagine a person who is confident: they have a confident smile, they have good posture, they make eye contact, their face is relaxed and easy going, they talk with ease and make others feel comfortable around them. 

Now let us imagine a person who is not confident: they are frowning, they slouch, they try to avoid looking into your eyes, their brow is furrowed, they sound anxious and worrisome, they make others feel anxious and uncomfortable around them. 

You might be wondering how you can fake confidence if you are not feeling confident in a report, during an adjustment and the answer is to start changing your body language first.  Making physical changes will introduce mental changes and these mental changes will produce a more confident speech. 

Law 2: Concentrate

Concentration is key along with consistency.  First, you must decide on which goal you would like to reach but once the goal is decided, concentrating on the outcome becomes paramount.  If you take your eyes off of the prize then you will start making mistakes on your way to achieving this goal.  

My members know that when their thoughts start to wander they can do three simple things to re-focus themselves:

Think and thank: think of something you are grateful for and thank God/Universe/whatever that this has come to you 

No Stinkin’ Thinkin’: when you approach a situation mentally in a negative way, it helps to cancel this thought and replace it with a positive thought that is in line with your goal.

Attitude of gratitude: be grateful for everything, everyday, in everyway. 

Concentrating on what you do not want is just as powerful as concentrating on what you do want. Make yourself more attractive by keeping your mental focus on what you do want to see happen. 

Law 3: Cause/Effect

There are no accidents in life, everything is the result of a cause and our mind is the inventor.  What we think about we bring about. 

Life is the sum total of our choices both now and in the past. If you can force yourself to change your thoughts, then you can change your life. The great part about living in America and having a great chiropractic coach is that you have freedom to choose your thoughts. If you take responsibility for yourself and realize that you have the power to change your outcomes then you can start any day at any time. 

Law 4: Correspondence

This is probably oldest known universal law.  The law of correspondence says that all things must be in agreement with all other things.  In other words, your outer world will always mirror your inner world.  If you feel lost and confused on the inside then your outer world will seem confusing.  On the other hand, if you are confident, happy and self-assured, your life will be ordered, joyful and abundant. 

The interesting part about this law is that when other successful people look at you they know that your world is a reflection of who you are on the inside.  This is tremendously important because you may be able to fool some people part of the time but you can’t fool all people, all of the time. If your inner world is a mess then the people who are more successful than you are going to pick up on this.  

There you have it, the four secrets of the universe.  If you practice and work on these universal laws everyday then you will be lightyears ahead of most people. 

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