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Indecision is a Decision

Have you ever heard the phrase “No decision is a decision”? The reason that phrase is popular is because it’s true.  

The quality of the decisions you make correlates with your quality of life.  Think back to a time in your life when the outcome exceeded your expectations and then conversely when the outcome was a complete and total let down.  Use these experiences to reflect and contemplate the series of decisions you made in order to end up with each result.  

It is through this self-examination that you will start to unravel the processes you took in order to achieve your desired outcomes. 

The most basic formula looks something like this:

What do I believe + Why do I believe it = What am I going to do about it?

Overtime the more you work to fine tune your decision making the better decisions you will make.  This applies to many areas in your life. There are 4 categories to decision making:

Category 1: Big Life Decisions- deciding on a career, buying a house, where to live

Category 2: Hiring/Firing/Business Decisions- building your team, who to hire, who to fire, marketing plans

Category 3: Day to Day- purchase new equipment, office hours, vacation schedule

Category 4: Non- important Items- what clothes you should wear, who’s picking up the dry cleaning, what food to eat

It is important to note here that ‘decision fatigue’ is very real and the by product of making too many decisions.   Ways to cope with decision fatigue: hire a coach to help with Category 1 and 2, delegate out your small decisions in Category 4, this way you only need to focus on Category 3 by yourself. 

Also remember, that not making a decision is making a decision.  Indecision will lead to you to become stuck and look weak in front of your team.  It’s better to make a bad decision, learn from it, move on then to make no decision at all.  

Look at the decisions you’ve made recently.  Can you identify the steps you used to make that decision?  Is it reproducible, so you can always reach your desired outcome? Did you learn a lesson? Tell me about it at

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