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It’s Not About You

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Let’s relate your philosophy to your new patient acquisition and find out how this is the best chiropractic marketing tool. 

Your philosophy is directly related to the number of new patients that you see and help in your chiropractic clinic. 

New patients do not come to you, they come from you.  It is more about who you are than what you do. If you show me someone’s beliefs and philosophy, I can tell you the number of new patients they are seeing per month. As a chiropractic coach, I have coached many doctors and some within the same office that have had drastically different results and the reason boils down to their ability to change their belief systems. 

I call this the Who Before Do system. 

Remember that new patients NEED you, not the other way around.  When you realize that new patients need you, you will instantly become more attractive to the world at large. Patients do not come into your office to take care of your needs, they come to take care of their needs. If you are looking to take care of your own needs, there are many ways to do that , that do not involve chiropractic. You could become a real estate agent, etc.… Patients come in to fulfill their own HEALTH needs and need a chiropracTOR. 

Let’s look at what you believe? 

I believe that 90% of the population in the United States does not have a chiropractor. 

I believe that everyone is better off under chiropractic care.

I believe that I provide an exceptional service for a fair fee. 

When you start to look at your core beliefs then you start to share chiropractic because it is good for people instead of selling chiropractic to fulfill your own financial needs, ego, or likeability. 

People are attracted to hope, strong beliefs, and passion. 

People are not attracted to scarcity, lack of confidence. 

I believe that there is an abundance of new patients, more than we can take care of.  In fact, I believe that we need MORE chiropractors in this world. 

Adopting this model has helped thousands of chiropractors to double and even triple their new patients per month. 

Now let’s look at what it means when we do double and triple our patients? 

Are you doing it for your statistics, collections, ego? 

If you are, you will fall right back down because you are doing for YOU and not for the patients. 

If you are helping more people to fulfill spiritual purpose, passion, to increase people’s longevity to increase their function, then you will continue to serve at a high level. 

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