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Key to Success: Unattached Vs. Indifference

Key to Success: Unattached Vs. Indifference

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Read the previous post on the 4 steps to new patient success first before reading this one.  Reason being when we get to step 4: Don’t take it personally, many people fall into the trap of indifference versus being unattached.  There is such a profound difference between these two that it is worth it’s own article. 

Indifference is being concerned with outcome more than the process.  At some point during our lives as entrepreneurs we have completed most of the projects we wish to accomplish and then we are waiting to reap the fruits of our labors.  This is where indifference can set in, or when we feel that we should have been rewarded already and we are still waiting and there’s more work to do. 

We begin to look and check for signs of outcomes.  We start chasing outcomes.  It can also happen while you are busy working and trying to help as many people and possible and so on fire for your work that you all sudden are successful.  Then something can switch in your brain and you are afraid you might never hit that level of success again.  You start to look for the one thing that caused that level of success instead of realizing that it was all the little things you did, including your fire burning passion and willingness to help others above yourself. 

How do you come back from this level of self-sabotage that we call indifference? Easy, you become unattached. 

Reabsorb into the process, reignite your fire for your passion and throw yourself into the process of becoming, only to realize that there is no end point.  If you hit your ‘end’ then you have only reached a goal, or an objective and you can set another goal and objective.  You do not even have to keep the same kind of goals and objectives, maybe you want to reinvent yourself and do something completely different. You can do, be and have whatever you want. 

The most successful people on this planet monetarily will continue to invent new goals or objectives for themselves and their companies.  There is no such thing as being satisfied with the current situation.  It does not mean that you unhappy and cannot be pleased with your success but it does mean that you are ready to serve yourself and your fellow man to the next level. 

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