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Loving the Process

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It’s time to start loving the process of becoming great.  Many people incorrectly assume that there is some end destination and once they get there everything will be better. This is a fallacy in thinking. A more correct way to approach this, is to fall in love with who you are becoming along the way. 

A great first step is through humility, and this does not mean to think less of yourself. Instead, it means to think about yourself less. It’s a path that makes you more sincere and authentic as an individual. 

Humility is achieved by consistently doing the small disciplines that will lead to the greatest outcomes.  Many people can acquire knowledge but that is not the same as having the experience. Going through the experience shows us the best way to achieve our goals, not necessarily the easiest way. If we can learn to yield to our vision and do the hard work, we can achieve whatever the mind dreams. This will take a tremendous amount of faithfulness and focus on your part. You must surrender completely to the process and let go of the outcome. Set your vision of where you want to go and immerse yourself in the self-discipline of doing the action steps required. 

You will learn along the way and the only way to learn is to be in the process of doing it. When people keep one eye on the goal and one eye on the journey, they are slowing themselves down to such a level that it becomes painful. This pain is unnecessary and can be removed by keeping both eyes focused on the journey. 

The most successful people on the planet do not have everything figured out ahead of time, they look to the next step, research, plan and then firmly plant their foot down. Once they reach that step, they can move onto the next. The key is to avoid procrastination! 

The pessimists see everything in life as a test and again this is a fallacy in thinking. Nothing is a test; everything is an opportunity for deeper knowledge and understanding. Every step you take might not be the complete right step, but you will learn and have a greater level of understanding that will lead you to next one. 

In terms of chiropractic, identify who you are, what are your top 10 characteristics that you want to be known for? Now, whittle that down to the top 4 characteristics that you want to be known for. Write it down, print it out and go over it before a shift, mid-day and after a shift. Ask yourself if you were being those characteristics and if you weren’t how you can do better. 

It’s better to embrace the uncomfortable now than to never change and be uncomfortable with mediocrity for a lifetime. 


Evaluate how you are fueling yourself with encouragement: the movies you watch, the books you read, the music you listen to, the people you surround yourself with, the self-talk, the goals you visualize. 

God has made us perfect, in His image. Anything that happens today is an opportunity. Talent reflects your work ethic, and your character is the gas that fuels your talent. Training and dedication to your vision unlocks your potential. 

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