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Making Negative Assumptions

Over my twenty plus career coaching chiropractors, I have noticed one fatal mistake. Chiropractors are making negative assumptions and the ones who do are struggling.  We have a habit of talking our way out of things.

Let me ask you, are you willing to pay the price?

If you have a vision, you have the belief, but you don’t act then you are living in a state of disillusion.  Weak action will yield weak achievement. On the contrary, high action will yield high achievement. 

Now, there is a wild card and that wild card is faith. It is the multiplier of your action. So, your formula for achieving everything you ever wanted in life should look like this:

            (Vision + Belief + Massive Action) x Faith = Massive Achievements

Ask yourself, are you motivated? Are you scared? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions then ask yourself a third question, ‘am I more motivated than scared?’ If you can overcome your fear with motivation, then it will cancel out the fear.

Not sure if your motivation is overshadowing your fear? If you find yourself more and more busy and less and less productive then your fear is winning.

To ensure that your motivation is leading you towards your desired outcomes, you must attach action steps and procedures.

  1. Check Lists
  2. Technology: Run procedures efficiently
  3. Hire Help
  4. Use a bonus system: give little rewards for achieving small goals

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