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Marketing for New Chiros Part 2

If you have not read Marketing for New Chiropractors yet, then start there.  That post tees us up for all the work that is to come.  We talked about hiring the right staff to support you and guide you in the right direction.  We discussed how you must know the direction you want to move in so that you can gear your marketing towards making your vision a reality.  Lastly you must mentally steel yourself against the human tendency to take the path of least resistance.  Building your marketing brand for chiropractic is going to require lots of work in the beginning.  Many chiropractors are burnt out from school and the idea of learning more and putting in more late nights and early mornings is really exhausting.  If that is the case for you then e-mail me at and I can help place you as an associate doctor.  Associating can be a great first step because you can focus on patients and some marketing without all the full-time responsibilities of being a business owner.

Invest in Yourself!

Personal development is the quickest route to achieving your goals.  This is something that you must work on whether you choose to work for yourself or someone else.  

Here are some characteristics of the top 20%

  • Desire
  • Consistent
  • Plan their day.
  • Hour of power – usually 2-3 times per day
  • Goal oriented
  • Focused
  • Optimistic
  • Leaders
  • Driven

If you look at that list and do not feel that you embody those traits, then this means that this is the place for you to start. You need a chiropractic coach to show you the books to read, the podcasts to listen to, and tell you who to hang out with.  You cannot fly with the eagles if you’re walking with the turkeys. 

Internal Marketing

New patient phone call – ask if this appointment is for them or their whole family? 

Consultation- ask about other members of their family having this same condition.

Report of findings- invite the spouse and hand out two business cards, inviting them to give one to someone they know who needs your care.

Monthly workshops- educate your patients, their friends and family members who need to know what you know about how to best take care of themselves.

Chiropractic gift card- level up your marketing with cards that look like credit cards/gift cards but in reality they are just business cards that entitle the holder to exam and x-rays

External Marketing

Lunch and learns.


Corporate wellness class

Welcome video on the website that directs the person on how to contact your office.

Testimonial videos

Social media marketing

Facebook ads


So, there you have it, that is the current list of marketing ideas that 99% of chiropractic offices who are in the top 20% of all offices are utilizing. You might think this list is obvious and you would be somewhat right.  If you already have a sense of business and how to market then these ideas might seem simple but trust me when you have the vision, the determination, and the consistency behind them then they become powerful.  Most people give up right before they would hit it big with any one of these marketing tools.  The key is to get clear on your vision, pick the marketing avenue that feels most genuine to you and then work that avenue consistently every day until you see the success that you know is inevitable. 

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