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Moving Forward After Covid-19

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For many of coaching client you have received a tremendous amount of materials preparing you for the upcoming year and future as we know it. 

I want to take this time to reach out to my readers who may not be clients, yet.  If you are struggling to piece together all the information out there and how to implement it into your office then I encourage your to email me at  I would be happy to help coach you through this difficult transition because it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

Actually, if you have been taking my advice over the last few months then you should find yourself growing at an exponential rate and getting ready to have your biggest year yet.  If that sounds too good to be true, trust me it’s not and most of my clients are doing it. 

I have lived through many tough times in my career and no only have I lived through them, I’ve grown through them.  These are where the tough get tougher, we buckle down and work harder and smarter than everyone else to get what no one else has. 

One big piece of advice is that you must be willing to do the inner work.  If you aren’t willing to do the inner work then it doesn’t matter if you hire the most expensive coach on this planet, nothing is going to change for you.  I know that might be tough to hear but someone has to say it so it might as well be me.  I’m not going to spare any punches, the inner work is the hard work but it pays off like nothing you have ever seen before. 

For my clients, you all have your game plan and know what must be done.  

It’s time to get to work!

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