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Online Marketing for Chiropractors

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Marketing and online might be the two words that chiropractors dread most.  A lot of doctors miss the days of newspaper and yellow pages ads that worked like magic.  You took out an ad and used tried and true copywriting, then before you knew it there was a line of patients at the door.  Todays’ world is looking a bit different and doctors are afraid of looking ‘spammy’ when they use Facebook ads or other types of advertisement.  So, what do you do? 

First, let’s reframe our mindset to one that says, ‘This is an awesome, new opportunity!’.  Once we have the right frame of mind it is easier to start plugging in the pieces to help make it successful.  

Chiropractic Marketing Made Easy 

  1. Website- you will need a website and a page that says that you do Zoom meetings. 
  1. Zoom- download Zoom to your smartphone and computer.
  1. Check your hardware- make sure that you have a newer phone or computer and quality camera that works for each. 
  1. Advertise in your Office, tell your community groups and share on your Facebook page. 

What are you offering? 

You are offering a remarkable service for your community.  You are offering a free health care class that anyone can sign up for and attend from the comfort of their couch.  They do not have to turn on their camera or speak (although engagement is encouraged). 

This zoom class is your free-gift and is in integrity with the mission of chiropractic.  We want to bring the truth of subluxation, chronic disease and how to find health to the living room of everyone in your community. 

If you are serious about getting people well then you can really take advantage of this unique time to reach more people who are finally starting to wake up and pay attention to what is going on around them. 

How to Hold a Zoom Meeting

  1. Online or call the office to sign up for a zoom meeting.
  1. Hold your meeting at the same time every week, after work hours. 
  1. Tell the truth about health and chiropractic. 
  1. Answer questions and invite your community to come see what chiropractic all is about.
  1. Let people know that you can discuss at home ergonomics and offer wellness classes for companies as well. 

Guys, this is a no brainer.  The work from home crowd is growing and they are more interested than ever in how to help themselves and expand their health. If you are shy or nervous about being in front of a computer then please rip off the band-aid and just do it.  Once you do one, you will realize how amazing it is.  You do not have to be perfect or look perfect and have everything done 100% correctly.  You do need to show up and deliver great content that they are not finding anywhere else. 

Bonus! You do not need to buy pizza, snacks, drinks, set up, take down or anything else!

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