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Planning Increases Productivity

They say for every minute spent planning it saves 10 minutes of execution. Start every day with 10 minutes of planning and you will save 100 minutes every day on execution. 

How do you plan? 

Make a master list of all the tasks that you will need to accomplish to reach your goals. This list is for the indefinite future. Write down everything you can possibly think of that is a necessary action step. 

As new goals arise add them to this list along with the steps you must take. 

Transfer items from the master list to your monthly list – these are the items that you must get done this month according to your plan.  This way you are working in order and decreasing chaos. You know which steps must be taken and in which order, therefore each month will have certain steps that must be done. 

Transfer items from your monthly list to your weekly list

Transfer items from your weekly list to your daily list– each day add anything else that needs to get done the night before

Plan EVERYTHING! Before you do it

Plan every meeting or endeavor before you do it. This will show your team and others that you are serious, and you have taken time beforehand to seriously consider all options and committed to your choice. 

Of course, you can always change your plan as things arise but putting forth this effort will save everyone time and make sure you accomplish your tasks more efficiently and quickly. Time is money and the currency of the future. 

Your Rewards are Proportionate to the Results

You will be rewarded based on the results that you achieve. When you spend time planning, you are ensuring that you will get the best results possible.  This will be reflected in the quality and quantity of your work. 

Focus on your accomplishments, not the rewards that you receive. Take pride in the work that you do and be proud of what you have accomplished. 

Regularly assess your activities to make sure you are getting great results.  Ask yourself “what outcomes are expected of me?” and then go the extra mile. 

Have a Positive Mental Attitude

Increase your energy and potency with a positive mental attitude.  This will fuel your creativity and capacity to get great results. 

Using this strategy will allow you to control the sequence of events. You are free to choose what comes first, second or not at all. 

Remember that your life today is the sum total of the quality and quantity of the life choices you’ve made so far. 

As a starting point, decide today to stop making worse decisions. Then focus on your master list and start making the best choices for all areas of your life.

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