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Post Covid Success

Post Covid Success

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“Without vision people perish”, this profound statement is particularly applicable to today’s environment.  We are a nation lost in the media frenzy of fearmongering and hopelessness.  When presented with the choices of fear or pleasure, humans are more responsive to fear.  This is a protective mechanism for survival.  While this may have been beneficial in the cave man era, this is not so protective in our current situation, especially for chiropractic and chiropractic marketing. 

Whether you are for or against masks, mandates and vaccines, we know that increasing our immune system and being smart about our choices is all we really need to do in order to protect ourselves and our loved ones.  Unfortunately, we are seeing people/chiropractors making extraordinarily strong knee jerk reactions that can have detrimental consequences for years to come.  We do not want to miss this great opportunity for marketing the amazing benefits of the chiropractic adjustment. 

This does NOT have to be the case for you.  In fact, I challenge you to think of yourself on a sports team. 

Would you rather play defense or offense? 

Would you rather block attacks all day or score goals? 

In the game of life, we would rather be scoring goals.  Creating a life that is insulated by multiple revenue streams, good sustainable practices, smart team members and keeping our families close. 

Creating Your Vision

To move from defense to offense requires you to look inside yourself and challenge your current vision. 

What does your ideal practice look like?

What does your ideal family life look like?

What does your current situation look like? 

How can you improve your chiropractic marketing? 

If you have been wishing for the perfect opportunity to break down old habits and patterns and create new ones, now is the opportunity. 

Creative Destruction

Creative destruction is re-inventing us and our practices.  We start to ask questions like, “What is our purpose on this planet?”, “How are we going to participate?”. 

When we answer these questions, we start to formulate this new vision that is based on hope instead of fear. 

We eliminate what does not serve us anymore.  We let go of harmful relationships, we stop bad habits, we boost our self-image, we refine our practices/business. 

Let Go to Rise

The analogy I like to use is the gym rope.  Let us say you climb up a 100ft rope and when you get to 80ft you decide to look down.  You become paralyzed with fear because you have made it so far and you are afraid that if you let go to keep climbing you might fall. So, your options are to either hold on tight or let go and keep climbing, which do you choose? 

If you hang out tight and do not let go, your muscles will soon fatigue, and you will fall.  If you let go and start to move your hands up the rope, you will keep climbing to greater heights. 


There were many millionaires made in the last economic downturn by people who decided to play offense instead of defense.  If we stop, take a breath, and look around, there is opportunity everywhere. All we must do is decide to have hope and create a new vision that is designed by us and for us. 

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