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Powerful Secrets to Massive practice Success

Here are the powerful secrets that helped to grow LaCosta Chiropractic into a multimillion dollar chiropractic wellness center. 

Maintain Core Values

  1. Integrity- don’t sell anything, share chiropractic 
  2. Service- focus on how you can serve your patients and community 
  3. Love – put love into everything you do

Have fun at your office every day in every way. Do whatever it takes to make sure that your office is fun, inviting and uplifting. 

Here are some tips for staying present in the office:

  1. Put two dots outside the adjusting rooms and touch each one before you enter. One is to focus the doctor to deliver the best outcome possible. The other dot is to visualize the patient getting better. 
  2. Focus on removing the interference between the brain and body and allow your patient to express their life to the fullest. Connect man the physical to man the spiritual. 
  3. Start your day with the hour of power and use it at lunch and at night in order to keep yourself grounded. 
  4. Play uplifting music that everyone can sing along to in your office. 
  5. Be a chiropractic healer not just a chiropractic technician

Affirmations to Live by:

Grass does not grow on a busy street

It is green lights and blue skies, there is nothing you can’t do if you want it bad enough. 

Show up at your best every day in every way. 

An individual has not begun to live until he can grow beyond the confines of his individual needs and rise above to be concerned about all of humanity. 

The last is maybe the most important thing we can do for our profession and that is to tell the chiropractic story to everyone we meet. Share your story, share the big idea, share the stories of your patients, and teach your patients how to share their story. Most people do not know their story until you teach it to them. 

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