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Principles of Accomplishment

Here are my top ten tips for getting things accomplished. If you want anything done, you will be better off following these ten tips to get there faster with a better result. 

  1. Commit to having it happen versus how it will happen. 

Let go of the mechanism of how it will happen and instead focus on the result. The mechanism can change whether in life or practice and you need to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Keep your eyes focused on the end target. 

  1. Being committed to having it work versus being right about the way it works. 

Push your ego aside and get the job done no matter what. Stop focusing on how it can’t work or won’t work. 

  1. Willingness to give up what you have. 

You will have to give up first base to get to second base. I don’t mean giving up instrumental items to your achievement but give up things that are no longer working. 

  1. Jump into the middle of breakdown

This applies to relationships, and you will have to get in the middle to clean up something that isn’t working. 

  1. You need to be willing to take direction and correction.

This applies to coaching and your ability to look introspectively to see what isn’t working and make changes. 

  1. Your physical world is the ultimate mirror of your contribution.

Look around your physical world and you will see a reflection of the contributions you have made thus far.  If you don’t like what you see, then you need to consider how you can increase your contribution to the world. Focusing on your contribution instead of attaining material wealth is the quickest way to attain physical wealth. 

  1. You need a clear vision, goal, and unwavering focus. 

You should always have a plan, or road map about where you are going. This increases the potency of your leadership and allows others to follow. Start with the end in mind and then work backward. 

  1. Your rate of motion is critical to success. 

If you act with urgency, then you are acting in a proactive manner. If you act out of desperation, then you are always playing on defense. Desperation is not attractive, and people will start looking for ulterior motives. 

  1. God is in the details. 

Complete your work, every time, no excuses. This builds self-esteem and will show others that you are serious. 

  1. Discipline and persistence. 

Do what you should do and act as if you have already achieved it. Start to personify the person that already has achieved what you want to achieve. This builds confidence, self-esteem, and conviction around your dream. 

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